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The story behind Laysa Magazine

Laysa Magazine is an online editorial magazine. This is the place, where healthy lifestyle meets mental health, traveling, workouts, and anything that provides individual health for you.

We cover a variety of topics all with the same goal, which is to provide inspiration for a happy healthier life. Staying healthy, as life progresses on, can sometimes be a challenge. And once you get to that stage in life, where you can enjoy yourself, and time, as you please, it can be hard to break bad habits.

This is where we aim to serve as an inspiration towards leading a healthier and happier life. Both physically and mentally.

We want to at provide you with inspiration, advice and make the healthy choices as easy and carefree as any other choices. Maybe you need advice for your parents?

Don’t hesitate to point them in our direction, we have something for everybody. Whether your mom and dad are in need of workout inspiration or healthier choices, we have it all.

We will provide you with the knowledge that makes your new adventure a success. Starting a new form of exercise, a change in your diet, or whatever you want, we will help you make it happen.

Who is this website for?

Laysa Magazine is for you, who wishes to stay healthy in your senior years. The most important thing for us is to provide you with exactly the content you need.

We focus on problem-solving content and whom better then you to tell us what you need?

We love to get topic suggestion and/or feedback from our readers! You can find our email address in the top menu under “Contact Us”.

Lets get in touch!

About Sanne:

Hi there! I’m Sanne, I’m one of the co-founders of Laysa Magazine. I live in Denmark with my husband and I am the proud mother of two amazing kids: Emil 6 years and Ella 3 years.

It might seem weird to you that we have chosen to work with seniors as a target group for Laysa Magazine. After all we are not seniors ourselves. Let me tell you a little about our motivations for creating Laysa Magazine:

I have worked with communications and marketing some years now. One of the things I enjoy most, within my field, is to create content that is interesting and helpful to you as a reader. Researching my thesis I discovered an increased interest in the topic of senior health and lifestyle, and I found it difficult to find content aimed at people 60+.

About Layla:

My name is Layla, and I am the other co-founder of Laysa Magazine. I too live in Denmark in a house with a large backyard.

The idea for Laysa Magazine actually stems from Sanne. But since I’ve lived in the US we thought it to be a perfect opportunity to combine out individual knowledges with the website.

When i heard the idea for Laysa Magazine I quickly jumped on it, because I have an interest motivation and content. I am passionate about providing you with the right content, and something that speaks directly to you. Problem solving motivates me, and I am eager to provide the right solution to any given problem. 

I have, as well as Sanne, worked with marketing and communication for a while now. This just seemed as the perfect fit to combine my interests.

Our Vision:

We want to create a magazine where you can find everything within health and lifestyle, so you don’t have to go searching for it in various places. A place that inspires you to make the best choice for your health and happiness. A place that can help you when you hit the brick wall, and a place where you are always heard. 

The website is still new but we are working very hard creating a lot of exciting new content.

But enough about us! This site is all about YOU, so please let us know if there is anything we could do better. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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