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Shopping Shoes Online, Which Are The Best For Elders?

Wearing the right pair of shoes is very important no matter what age you have. But once you grow older, getting the right comfort, in your feet, and upwards becomes even more important. Picking the right shoes for seniors to wear can be quite a jungle. Should you shop for shoes online or in a store?

Another aspect to this is, that once we all become older our feet start to change, which makes the need for a solid pair of shoes essential.

“A sturdy pair of shoes can help us feel more grounded, thus reducing the number of injuries and falls”

As we age we start to lose fat protection in the bottoms of our feet. This causes the heel to press more firmly against the floor. Whenever this starts to happen you will feel more tired in your feet as well as irritated. This is where a good pair of shoes can make a difference. They can lessen the discomfort of being on your feet. Without proper shoes, you will likely experience irritation in your feet. Worst-case scenario, you might develop a heel spur or other such problems.

Further down in this article you will be able to find reviews of the top 3 best exercise shoes and the top 3 best everyday life shoes for both men and women, click here

feet on the ground

Benefits of wearing a proper pair of shoes

Let’s take a look at some of the different benefits of wearing a good pair of shoes. First of all, a good pair of shoes equals comfort. You can’t really put a price on comfort, as it’s important to feel comfortable in one’s footwear for however long you wear it.

Secondly, good shoes can also reduce your risks of falling and injuries. Falls are often related to balance issues, which then can lead to different injuries, small and big alike.

“Your feet can also change in shape, as you grow older”

An example of this can be flat feet. Changes to your feet usually happen as a result of weak muscles. Another aspect to weak muscles is also the feet itself. When feet become weaker different other body parts will have to overcompensate. Back problems and knee problems are common issues that can result from wearing inadequate shoes.

Wearing a good pair of shoes will also keep you more active. If the shoes you are wearing are comfortable and providing you with the right support, you will also be more likely to move around. Being active will improve your overall health as well as prevent other medical issues like obesity and diabetes.

When you are wear shoes that are good for your feet, your whole body reaps the benefits. Thus investing in good shoes is not only good for your feet, and body in general, but also for your health.

However, before buying new shoes there are a few things to consider first. I have made a list of the 3 most important factors to take into consideration before purchasing new shoes. 

3 things to consider and be aware of before buying new shoes as a senior

As feet come in different shape and sizes it is important to find shoes that will suit your needs and wants best. The first thing people notices when looking for shoes, is just that, the looks. However, you should also take the safety and strength of the shoes into consideration.

people wearing different shoes

1. Shoe Soles

Examine the soles of the shoes and check the cushioning of them. When shoes have more cushioning it can help protect your feet from sharp objects. The cushioning will also protect your feet on impact with the ground and make the shoes even more comfortable to wear.

2. Walking around in the shoes

Sitting down with the shoe in your hand may feel great. However, until you’ve actually tried the shoes on, you’ll not know how they feel on your feet. Is there enough room in the balls of the feet? Do you slip out of the shoe? Is it too tight? How is the overall fit? By walking around you’ll be able to answer these questions and find a pair of shoes that fit you well. Even when buying the shoes online it’s always a good idea to try them on at home, before deciding whether or not to keep them.

3. Buying/trying shoes in the afternoon

This may seem a bit strange, but your feet naturally expand throughout the day. This means that trying shoes on in the afternoon will make it so that the shoes you end up getting will fit you better. Which is why we recommend that you try your new shoes on in the afternoon or early evening. This way you’ll know for sure how the shoes fit you.

"Knowing the function and purpose of the shoes, is a great way to narrow options"

a pair of nike shoes

Besides these 3 things to consider before buying a new pair of shoes, there are also 6 features to look for. These have been listed down below. 

These are the 6 (7) features to look for when buying shoes for seniors

When you are out shopping for new shoes, there are certain features you should consider looking for. These features are beneficial for you, especially in your elderly years. Down below I’ve compiled a list of 6 different features you should have in mind when shopping for shoes.

1) Soft & padded shoes

When shoes are soft and padded they will fit well and offer extra protection against any irritation and friction.

2) Wide-mouth

A wide opening for the foot is especially good if your foot tends to swell. The wider mouths are roomier and much more comfortable.

3) Non-slip sole

The sole should firmly grip the surface no matter if it’s wet or dry. The soles should be light and shock-absorbent for a softer impact on the heels and ankles.

4) High-Back

With the extra ample support in the back it will support the ankle as well and aid in the prevention of heel injuries.

5) Flat or low heel

Heels should be less than one inch tall. If they’re any taller you could end up twisting your ankle. Especially if you’re not used to wearing heels. However, in some cases, a heel can actually be beneficial for you. When you are wearing shoes with heels you are exercising your calves.  

6) Shoe material should be breathable

If the material is tight and constricts the foot it will not be comfortable to walk on nor will it be practical. You will also feel your feet getting sweaty and uncomfortable. Ideally, shoes should allow your feet to breath and stay cool.

people walking and running

You can also consider a 7th feature, which would be to purchase shoes without laces. However, this comes down to preference. Shoes without laces are excellent for people with balance issues or trouble bending down.

A good suggestion, for whenever you find a good pair of shoes, would be to purchase an extra pair. With an extra pair, you’ll have the shoes that fit you well with all the features you want when the first pair is worn out. Also, you’ll never know when a certain style may get discontinued!

Top 3 shoes – Woman’s edition

Here I’ve compiled a list of the top 3 best shoes for women. Both for everyday life and exercise. Further down I’ve also made a list of shoes for men.

To read the top 3 lists for men, click here

Top 3 shoes for everyday life

1) KEEN Women's Kaci Full-Grain Slip On Shoe

The KEEN Kaci Full-Grain women’s shoe is a full-grain leather slip-on-shoe that is very comfortable to wear. The footbed is made of recycled foam, which provides all-day support and comfort. This shoe is great both, for long hours and short periods.

They also have a nice flexibility to them, as well as stretch and movement along the panel. Another great feature is the secure fit and the breathability of the fabric, which gives you an abrasion-free wear.

Another great feature is the cleans-port for natural odor control. Because these shoes are made from leather it is recommended that you use a leather cleaner and conditioner to treat your shoes.

2) CLARKS Women's Marion Helen

The Clarks Marion Helen women shoes are made from premium leather upper. The shoes are very easily slipped into and very comfortable to wear both for long periods of time and smaller stretches.  

Also, there is some light padding along the collar, which will provide you with extra comfort. The shoe is very soft and the fabric is breathable. You will also feel the fully cushioned footbed, which will provide you with comfort throughout the day.

Another feature of this shoe is that it has a slight lift to it at about a half-inch. The bottom of the shoe has the EVA outsole, which has the Cushion soft technology that provides added comfort.

3) Finn Comfort Gomera Ankle-Strap Sandal

The Gomera Ankle-Strap Sandal from Finn Comfort is a made from leather upper. It also features dual adjustable straps so you can fit the shoe to your specific needs. You will also notice that the buckle detail at the heel of the shoe is actually a snap close feature. This buckle makes the shoe much easier to slip into.

Inside the shoe, there are smooth leather linings, as well as a really soft foot-bed, which is actually orthopedic. This will provide you with a maximum of support making you feel comfortable wearing the shoe throughout the day. Should you be in possession of your own orthopedic foot-bed, you can actually change the foot-bed in the shoe with your own.

The shoe is durable flexible lightweight as well as shock-absorbing PU (Polyurethanes) outsole.

Top 3 shoes for exercise

1) Adidas UltraBoost Running shoes women

The Adidas UltraBoost Running shoes for women are a very comfortable pair of shoes that work not only for exercising but also for everyday life. The bottom of the shoe is made of the continental stretch rubber web. This provides the shoe with a good grip and superior traction grip.

Because of the rubber bottom, the shoes are very easy and comfortable to run in, no matter the state of the road. Another bonus is that the shoes are also very responsive and cushioned making them super comfortable to wear.

Additionally, the shoes have a breathable fabric making your feet feel nice and cool throughout the entire time you wear the shoes.

The back of the shoe has an extra supportive fit. This helps your feet slide in and out of the shoe. It is also designed to enable free motion of your Achilles tendon so you don’t feel locked into place when wearing the shoes. You can get these shoes in a variety of colors as well. 

2) APL TechLoom Phantom

The APL Techloom Phantom women shoes are a pair of super comfortable shoe that will provide you with a nice stretch to them. These shoes are very light to wear, so you’ll definitely not feel any burden wearing the shoe.

Although the shoes are made for exercise, they are not limited to that type of use. In fact, they are really nice to wear for everyday use. The shoes have been modeled after a feather on the outsoles of the shoes. They incorporate a natural motion flex groove, which will allow your feet to react to every movement you might perform.

As far as shoes go, these are also very easy to slip into, and out of. The soles are flexible and lightweight as well as bouncy. But most importantly these shoes are very comfortable to wear which can’t be mentioned enough!

3) Nike Women's Flex Trainer 5 Shoe

The Flex Trainer 5 Shoe from Nike made for women features a synthetic overlay for maximum breathability and support. At the top of the shoe, you’ll be able to see the tongue, which is lightly cushioned and provides you with comfort.

The shoes also have a lock-down fit because of the fly-wire cables. On the inside of the shoe, you’ll also find a mesh lining and a padded footbed. This will provide you with additional comfort.

The outsole is made of rubber, with flex grooves, for a maximum of traction and flexibility. This particular shoe is also lightweight and comes in different colors.

All in all, a very comfortable pair of exercise shoes that will provide you with stability throughout your workout. You will also be able to get these shoes in different colors. 

Top 3 shoes – Men’s edition​

Here I’ve compiled a list of the top 3 best shoes for men. Both for everyday life and exercise.

Top 3 shoes for everyday life

1) ARKK Copenhagen Velcalite Sneaker

The ARKK Copenhagen Velcalite sneakers are one of the lightest pairs of shoes you’ll wear. Once you actually wear the shoe it feels super weightless, as it is a very breathable mesh upper and paper-thin tongue riding atop a minimal midsole.

Even if the weather outside is very warm, you can still wear these shoes, as they will keep your feet ventilated and cool. This particular pair of shoes is made for everyday life, but it can also double as a good water shoe should you come across a puddle of water.  

These shoes are excellent for seniors, in the sense that they are very light to wear. The shoes will not feel heavy to “lift” when out and about. Also, they’ll provide you with an excellent fit for your needs.

2) Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Nubuck Slip On Shoe

The Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Nubuck Slip-On Shoe is a comfortable sturdy shoe for everyday use. As these shoes don’t have any laces they are easy to slip into. They also have an adjustable fit which makes them fit almost any foot comfortably.

These shoes are made for walking while also being waterproof. You will also be able to benefit from the odor-fighting treatment within the soles as well as the shock-absorbing feature. There is also a sweat grip in the soles of the shoes, which will help prevent slips and falls.

3) Hush Puppies Men's Volley Victory Derbys

The Hush Puppies Men’s Volley Victory Derbys are a great pair of shoes that have a light and comfortable fit. These shoes are made from leather and the outsoles are made from thermoplastic rubber. They are very comfortable to wear and do not require a lot of time to break in.

They are also designed to make your feet feel amazing throughout the day. The shoes have leather lining, which also makes the shoes breathable. You also have the dual fit removable insole, which provides you with extra cushioning. The shoe is also very flexible and shock absorbing. The shoes will also help keep you steady and on your feet.  

Top 3 shoes for exercise

1) Men’s Adidas UltraBoost 3.0 Running Shoes

The Adidas UltraBoost 3.0 Running Shoes are a very comfortable pair of shoes that have a great fit. The back of the shoe has an ultra supportive fit, which also helps you from sliding in and out of the shoe.

It is designed to enable free motion of your Achilles tendon so you don’t feel like your locked into place when wearing the shoe.

The bottom of the shoe is made of a material that is super responsive and cushioned. If you look at the bottom of the shoes you’ll also be able to see continental stretch rubber web. This provides the shoes with a good grip and superior traction grip. This makes the shoes very easy and comfortable to run in no matter the state of the roads.  

The shoes will also keep your feet nice and cool the entire time you wear them, no matter your level of pace.

2) New Balance Minimus 40

The New Balance Minimus 40 shoes are designed to provide the comfort durability and traction needed for you when working out. The external heel has a molded collar and rev light within the heel. This provides you with excellent ground control and stability.

The upper mesh is very breathable and keeps your feet cool and comfortable throughout. It also has TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to provide extra support. 

The shoe is rounded out with a durable Vibram outsole for great traction and durability during all types of exercises. The shoes are lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

3) Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0

The Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 shoe is made with a low-cut design, which provides your ankle with free mobility. The shoe is very nice and comfortable to wear, as well as breathable. The shoe moves with your feet when you need it to.

You will also feel some nice padding around the ankle. The inside gives you a really soft feel as well. The shoe also has a removable ortholite sock liner, which provides you with some light cushioning and extra support. There is also a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) heel wrap to lock down the foot.

They also have some nice flexibility, exactly where it is needed to be. There is also a dual density midsole for enhanced comfort and sole flexibility. On the bottom of the shoes, you’ll see the Pro carbon rubber that wraps the lateral side for added protection. There is also a crystalized outsole that flexes naturally and provides enhanced balance and stability.

All in all a decent pair of shoes with extra comfort and stability to them, for whenever you exercise. Also, you can get these shoes in different colors. 

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