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7 things you should know before buying an electric bike

Electric bikes are great and they can help a lot of people achieve a more active lifestyle. But electric bikes are different from ordinary bikes and there are certain elements you should consider before buying an e-bike.

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1. Battery – How much power does it have?

Electric bike battery

The first thing you should consider when buying an electric bike is the battery. Most e-bikes come with a standard 400w lithium-ion battery, which will often be enough. Several manufacturers can offer a battery with more capacity, they will often be a bit more expensive but will also give you a longer range on your bike.

How you intend on using your bike should determine how large a battery you purchase. If you are planning on going long distances where you don’t have the possibility of charging your battery you should opt for a larger battery. Are you, however planning on riding shorter trips around town, there is no reason why you should spend extra money on the battery.

Using the battery will wear on it and at some point, it can become necessary to purchase a new one.

2. Operating the bike

An electric bike has a display which lets you know the battery status and other information like speed, average speed, the range of the motor and so forth.

Operating the display on cold days, while wearing glows can be challenging so make sure that the display is not too small if you are planning on using the bike during the colder months.

Some of the cheaper e-bikes have displays without light, which makes them nearly impossible to use when it is dark. If it is not clearly demonstrated you should ask the salesperson or write them an email if buying online.

3. Front or center motor – Which one should you choose?

The motor of an electric bike

Another important thing you should consider is if you want an e-bike with a front or a center motor.

In an e-bike with a front motor, the motor is placed in the front wheel; it is typically cheaper than a bike with a center motor. The front motor provides more assistance when biking, but it can also make the bike harder to control, especially on a wet or slippery surface. For a person with limited strength, an electric bike with a front motor will be the better choice.

An e-bike with a center motor requires more work to pedal, but it is a lot easier to control the speed of the bike with a center motor. A bike with a center motor feels more like a regular bike to ride because of its gravitational point.

4. Brakes

A very important element of the e-bike is, of course, the brakes. Your electric bike should as a minimum have a hand and a foot brake. We would, however, recommend that you look for a bike with two hand brakes. The speed of the electric bike is likely to be higher than on an ordinary bike, and it is therefore important to be able to break fast.

5. Charging the battery

electric bike charger

It should be easy to charge the battery. Some batteries can be charged while they are still on the bike; this is very handy if you have a garage or some other private place where you can charge your battery.

If you have to dismount the battery it should have a handle. A battery can be quite heavy and a handle is very handy if you have to carry the battery up stairs.

6. Customizability

Bike basket

An electric bike comes with a lot of equipment. Many of them have lights, which is attached to the battery, so you don’t have to worry about them running out.


However, if you want to use your bike for something specific that requires additional equipment you should find out if it is possible to add it to the bike.

This could be a thing like a basket or bags for groceries, or it could be a trailer for your bike if you want to bring your dog on your trips or whatever you might need.

7. Is the bike comfortable to ride?

comfortable bike saddle

Again it depends on what you are looking for in a bike. If you want a mountain bike, you probably won’t be looking for cushioned seats and an upright seating position. But if you a planning on using your bike for longer trips it is very important that the bike is comfortable for you to ride.

As the electric bike goes quite fast a good suspension can make a world of a difference. Some bikes have suspension under the seat and handlebars and that is a good thing to look for if you want the most comfortable ride.

What electric bike to purchase?

We hope that our list has helped you determine what your needs are and you now know a bit more about what to look for.

To make your decision even easier we have chosen our favorite e-bikes within 3 different categories:

Buy your new electric bike today and get riding.

Best Electric Bike for seniors under $1000 in 2019

Onway Electric City Bike​

Our favorite electric bike under $1000 is the Onway Electric Bike. With the Onway you get a lot for your money.
The 3-level assist mode is easy to control and the bike rides smoothly and with ease. The 40 mile range of the battery is very good for an electric bike in price class. 

Best Electric Bike for seniors under $2000 in 2019

Prodecotech Stride 500

Best electric bike in 2019 for elders

The Prodecotech Stride 500 is an electric city bike with a powerful 500W. motor and a top speed of 20 mph. 

The Prodecotech is great for seniors because. The bicycle is designed to give you full control and a great overview. 

Best Tricycle For Seniors in 2019

RMB LIBERT-E Electric Trike

RMB Libert-e is a fantastic electric tricycle. The bike can be used by almost anyone and it gives an enormous amount of freedom. The bike is easy to control with only one assist mode – no need for changing gears! 
The large basket is great for groceries or whatever else you need to transport.

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