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Electric vs. regular bike; which one should you choose for senior biking?

Are you finding it hard to get motivated to go to the gym? Maybe you just don’t like intense workouts. Have you considered using an electric bike? Maybe you don’t know the difference between a regular bike and an electric bike? Don’t worry when you are done with this article you will be wiser and able to decide what type of bike is best for you.

Why is biking good for you?

womans bike with flowers

It can be quite challenging to stay in shape and physically active as you age. Your muscle and bone structure deteriorates, as you grow older. You might even experience some pains and aches that can discourage you from exercising. As you get older, your ability to exercise and recover from intense workouts decline.

Biking is a low-impact sport, where you keep your heart healthy and it provides less strain to the joints.

A study from 2017 published in BMJ shows that cycling, on a regular basis, lowers your risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and death.

Cycling also stabilizes testosterone in men while also improving cholesterol. It also preserves strength in your body.

If you want to read more about the health benefits to biking, read our article on:

Incorporating biking into your lifestyle can be somewhat of a challenge. But it can also quite literally keep you alive and fit. Once you have decided to take up biking you’ll have to choose between a regular and an electronic bike (e-bike)..

What is the difference between a regular bike and an electric bike

a regular and a electric bike

Both bikes will provide an easy and simple way to exercise. Biking enables you to commute between places, while you enjoy the scenery and have fun. Each of the bikes have some pro’s and con’s and we have looked at the differences between a regular bike and an electric bike

1. The Electric Mid Driver Motor

First of all, there is an electric mid driver motor installed in the center of the bike just below the frame, this I basically what makes the e-bike so effortless to ride. The motor is the main component of this type of cycle. This modern electric mid driver motor is a much more powerful tool compared to the older hub motor models. The motor utilize crank to multiply the power you generate. It is not directly driving the wheel itself. Being that the motor is positioned at the center of the bike, helps to improve how the bike is handled.

2. The Battery

Second on the list of features is the battery. The e-bike’s battery is the heaviest and probably the most expensive feature of this cycle. A standard e-bike battery, typically a 36V10A, will provide a bike ride for about 40 miles. Another thing about the battery is, that you can easily remove it. This makes it easy to charge it in the comforts of your house, office or where ever you want.

3. The Drivetrain

The third thing is the drivetrain. The drivetrain is a power converter torque and speed while also making the wheels faster. The drivetrain helps you gain a much better control just by turning a dial. By dialing the knob you can control the pressure and how much effort you want to put into the bike ride.

4. The Throttle

Last but not least, you’ll also find a throttle. This part is installed on the handlebars and allows you to control the motor. Most e-bikes come with a half-twist throttle. By twisting this throttle you can accelerate your ride.

Not factoring in the four parts mentioned above, a regular bike and an e-bike share the same components. Both bikes have a pair of wheels, a frame, a disc brake, suspensions, pedals, handlebars, and a seat. The technology used for e-bikes advance on a daily basis. You will most likely see more improvements and different advances, as more brands will hit the market.

Electric bike vs. Regular Bike; what are the benefits?

elderly man on racing bike

The choice between an e-bike and a regular bike is not an easy one. Because it is an important decision we are going to compare the benefits that come with different type of bikes.

Depending on the type of biking you are going to engage in, this will influence what type of bike you should get.

Pros Of Riding An Electric Bike

As we have mentioned before, an e-bike has a lot of different components that are all assisting you when riding the bike. If you use the e-bike for commuting purposes you will for sure arrive at your destination faster than when using a regular bike. Another advantage using the e-bike is the state you will arrive at your destination in. Forget everything about arriving sweaty, tired, and without any energy. Instead, you’ll arrive fresh looking and ready for whatever you have planned.

"E-bikes are not only easier to bike, but they also provide fewer loads to your joints and knees compared to a regular bike"

Whenever you come across a steep hill, all you have to do is turn on the electric assist mode, and the hill will become easy peasy. Additionally, an e-bike will also provide you with a better posture because of the seating position, compared to a regular bike. Sitting more upright will also lessen neck and back pains, while also giving you a better view of traffic and any obstacles that might appear.

An added bonus of using the e-bike is that this type of bike is more versatile and can easily take roads less traveled while still keeping you safe. You can cruise on off-road trails, cut through the park or even take the least busy roads.

Pros Of Riding A Regular Bike

Regular mens bikeHowever, this does not mean that you should toss your regular bike. Depending on your commute distance and/or workout goal, a regular bike might be the better choice. A regular bike is lighter than an e-bike, which makes it easier to carry the bike around whenever needed. Also, most e-bikes are more prone to flat tires because they weigh more than 50 pounds.

Troubleshooting and repairing regular bikes is also much easier, and cheaper because the bike does not contain expensive and complicated electronic components. For instance, repairing the battery on an e-bike can be expensive depending on the bike model.

"A regular bike will give you a better workout"

If your main goal for cycling is working out, you can never be 100% sure, that you are biking on your own, so to speak. There is a higher likelihood of the battery taking over. As we all grow older we’ll all experience some changes and physical limitations, which will make it easier relying on the battery rather than pedaling your self. Biking on a regular bike leaves you with no other options than pedaling without any assistance, no matter the terrain.

Which one should you choose: An electric bike or a regular bike?

senior couple biking together

Before making your final decisions there are still some factors you need to think about. Some people might experience that getting older comes with some quirks along the way. If you are experiencing some physical challenges or limitations such as joint pains, backaches, or balance difficulties getting a regular bike or an e-bike should be factored into the decision making process.

If you have been physically active through the years and are physically fit, you should choose a regular bike. This bike will provide you with a regular workout and eliminate any chances of “cheating” by using the battery. However, choosing an e-bike can still provide you with a sufficient workout, because most e-bikes come with a hybrid mode. What this basically means is that you can switch on pedal-mode-only if you want to feel the intensity of a workout. You can also switch back to electric-assist-mode to lessen the strain on your joints and back whenever the climbing gets hard.

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