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Adult Day Care Centers for Elders

The Adult Day Care centers, that are located throughout the country, are designed to keep elders supervised during the day, as well as offer them companionship and care.  These centers are designed to provide relief for caregivers and family as well as allowing them to take care of personal businesses, work, or just relax. This all the while knowing that their loved ones are being taken good care of. They are a non-residential facility that supports the health, nutritional, social, and daily living needs of adults in a professionally staffed, group setting.

The main goal of an adult day care center is to delay or prevent institutionalization. They provide alternative care, to enhance self-esteem as well as encourage socialization, all which helps in providing care and relief for a loved one.

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Two types of Adult Day Care centers

Generally speaking there are two types of adult day care:

  1. Adult social day care
  2. Adult day health care

An Adult social day care provides social activities, meals, recreation, and some health-related services. As appose to an adult day health care, which offers intensive health, therapeutic, and social services for individuals with serious medical conditions and those at risk of requiring nursing home care.

What services does an adult day care center offer?

Adult day care centers can provide care for people with a specific chronic condition, including Alzheimer’s Disease and related forms of dementia. Additionally, these services may also be available for people with different disabilities.

A lot of the daycare centers also have nurses on-site and a specific room for those who might require their vital signs checked and evaluated regularly. These rooms can also be used for other health services that are provided by a nurse throughout the day. Some centers can also provide transportation and personal care including support groups for caregivers.

Different centers may offer different activities, but some of the services that you can participate in are:

  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Evening care
  • Exercise
  • Health screening
  • Meals
  • Medical care
  • Physical therapy
  • Recreation
  • Respite care
  • Socialization
  • Supervision
  • Transportation
  • Medication management

Some centers may also offer different activities such as:

  • Entertainment and singing
  • Parties and celebrations
  • Occasional outings
  • Structured daily activities

Opening Hours

The adult day care centers are usually open during normal business hours. However, some centers may have additional opening hours so you should always check with your local center. If you have the possibility, you should definitely visit the centers closest to you. When there you can talk with the staff, and other families that use the centers, to determine whether the facilities meet your needs and desires.  

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