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Skilled Nursing Facilities – Private Rooms vs. Semi-Private Rooms

Skilled Nursing Facilities are places where you, and your loved ones, will be offered care around the clock. It is a type of residential care that offers rehabilitative stays following surgery, illness or injury as well as activities of daily living.

As is the case with hospitals, this type of facility will provide you with the medically necessary professional services you may need. This includes anything from nursing staff to physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and audiologists. 

Given that skilled nursing facilities are regulated by the state, they have certain rules and standards they have to uphold and abide by. This means, there are certain things they can and cannot do. This makes it easier for you to check up on the different facilities as well as the knowledge and reassurance that everything will be kept up to the highest standards. 

The purpose of skilled nursing facilities is to provide the inhabitants with a home-like setting as well as an atmosphere that is calm and comfortable.

Are there different types of Skilled Nursing Facilities?

With this particular type of care, you have the option of choosing between a Semi-Private Room and a Private Room

As the words suggest, a semi-private room means that you’ll most likely have a roommate, whereas a private room means you’ll have a solo room. 
This is the main difference between the two types of rooms. However, the price point may also vary depending on your choice of room type.

No matter what type of room you end up choosing, you’ll have a closet as well as the option to personalize the interior with decorations. Personalizing your room can help you feel more at home as well as create a more personal atmosphere. However, if you are living in a semi-private room, you should always keep in mind that there needs to be space for both people living there.

If you want to know more about different options in your area, or even just an area, in particular, you can check out our interactive map. This will show you different options for senior housing, as well as cost. 

Private Room

A private room, at a skilled nursing facility, means that you’ll be “living” alone and have the option of being alone.  This also means that you’ll be able to maintain a level of privacy.

Generally, most of the communication with staff happens bedside you will be able to talk to the nurses privately and receive information in private.

Semi-Private Room

A semi-private room, at a skilled nursing facility, typically means that you’ll have a roommate. You’ll always have somebody to keep your company as well as socialize and talk with.

One of the disadvantages of sharing rooms is the lack of privacy. Although most rooms have curtains, which provide privacy to some extent, they are not soundproof, so anybody else in the room will be able to listen in on conversations and exams.

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