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Dating Online In Your Senior Years?

How do senior people meet and date?

Dating – It may seem daunting and confusing, it might even seem impossible. Especially online dating can seem like quite a challenge if you are new to the dating world.

"Using a dating website is the easiest way to meet other senior singles"

Using a dating website is nonetheless the easiest way to meet other senior singles, and it just might be where you will meet your future life partner.

At the end of this article, you can see our favorite senior dating sites or click here.

Dating the “old fashioned way”

couple embracing

Maybe you have already tried dating “the old-fashioned way”? Meeting people out in the real world surely has its advantages. You get an instant feeling of the person you are talking to, and first impressions are important.

If you are meeting someone in a bar or at some kind of function, you don’t have any specific expectations, because you have no previous knowledge of that person – except of course if you were set up on a blind date.

"Regular dating has the advantage that you are more likely to meet people who live in your area"

Another advantage to regular dating is that you are more likely to meet people who are living near you. Even though most dating sites can be set up to only search for singles in your area, there can still be quite the distance. And maybe you are not interested in moving too far away if the relationship becomes serious?

If you are dating people from your own community, chances are that your friends or family might know the person you are seeing. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. You might not get to make up your own mind about him/her, because you are influenced by what others say. On the other hand, it can feel safer dating someone if you know a little about them, to begin with.

"It can feel safer dating someone you know something about beforehand"

Dating online

lady looking at a tablet computer

Online dating can, as mentioned before, seem a bit scary. If you are not the best at operating a computer you might even not know where to begin and how it all works. Don’t worry about that, further down we have made an easy to follow guide to how you can set up a dating profile.

Dating out in the real world has its limitations. If you live in a small town it might be difficult to find someone who shares your interests and values. Using online dating the selection is much wider and no matter what you are interested in, you are almost guaranteed to be able to find like-minded people.

"Having gotten over the technical challenges you can start to focus on the many advantages dating websites and services has"

If you are using an online dating site for seniors you also have the option to specify what type of connection you are looking for – Are you after a casual encounter, seeking someone for a serious relationship, or maybe just a new friend or a travel buddy. This option makes it so much easier to avoid getting disappointed if your reasons for dating are different from your potential partners.

Different types of online dating

senior man with computer

There are basically two types of dating sites: One is the “normal” dating site where all types of people can sign up. The other is so-called niche dating websites.

A lot of the dating sites have a setting that allows you to specify what age group you belong to and what age group you wish to connect to. But there are also a lot of sites specifically aimed at senior citizens. These senior citizen dating sites are the sites I will go more into depth with later in this article.

"If you are looking for something very specific, you could try a niche dating site"

There is a multitude of different dating sites that cater to different types of people or different lifestyles. If you are looking for something specific, you might want to check out some of the niche dating sites.

To give you a couple of examples:

  • Dating a Christian – Check out if you are a Christian and is it important for you to find a partner who shares your beliefs?
  • Farmer Dating – Are you a farmer looking for love, or are you interested in finding a farmer? Then you should try
  • Biker Dating – Are you a passionate biker, and do you want your future partner, to also be a biker enthusiast? Check out
  • Wealthy People – Are you wealthy your self, and are you searching for an equally well off partner? A popular choice within wealthy/millionaire dating is
  • Fitness Dating – Is fitness your big interest, and are you looking for someone to share that passion. is a great site for meeting other fitness enthusiasts. 

These are just a few of the different types of dating sites that are out there, and as you can see there is something for everybody. I have made links to the different sites and you can check them out if you want (These links include affiliate links). I will not go into more details with niche dating, but if you are interested, you should definitely explore further.

Tips to attracting the right partner

dating couple enjoying a view

As with all dating, there are no guarantees. You might meet someone who you feel a connection to, and can write long engaging letters to, but when you finally meet him or her, there is no chemistry. There are however some things you can do to increase the chances of meeting “the one”.

Be honest

When filling out your profile text be as honest as you can possibly be. You know your self and what you like. It can be hard to put it down on paper, but take your time with this. Write about what you value most in life and why, and tell about what interests you.

“Don't lie about your physical appearance”

Don’t lie about your physical appearance. It can be tempting to make your self appear a little “better or attractive” than you are in reality. If you are a bit on the heavy site, no longer has a full head of hair or whatever the issue might be. Be upfront about it! Ad a picture to your profile that actually looks like you, in this way it will become much easier for you to possibly meet someone IRL (in real life). If you are afraid the person you are talking to/writing to will be disappointed, it will become very difficult for you to agree to seeing them out in the real world.

Try keeping an open mind. One of the limitations of online dating is that you don’t get a first impression. You only get statements on a piece of paper and a picture that goes with it.

Be realistic – Most people on dating sites are genuine people looking to meet someone. But it is easy to hide behind the screen, and if someone seems too good to be true, they might be just that.

NEVER GIVE AWAY ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION or in any way transfer money to someone you don’t know!

Feeling a connection to someone - Now what?

old fashioned phone

Once you meet someone you have a connection with you might want to start taking things to the next level. If you have exchanged emails for some time you can expand your connection to talking on the telephone. It can be quite scary talking to a relative stranger for the first time, but if you don’t have anything to say to each other, you can simply say “goodbye” and hang up the phone.

"Another way to contact each other is by video chat, once set up its very easy to use"

Using a video chat you can see the person you are talking to and it can give a better impression about what this person is like and if you have good chemistry. It is quite easy to use a video chat, and there are several programs you can use, both apps for your smartphone or programs you can use on your computer.

If you are not sure how to use a video chat, maybe you can ask a member of your family or a friend for help. Otherwise simply google it, and follow the directions.

Having talked on the phone or on video chat, you will probably get a good sense of the person you are talking to. If you are feeling a connection and the conversations are flowing, you might want to start considering meeting in person.

When and where should you meet your online date for the first time?

picture of seniors on a date

It is not easy to determine when the right time to meet a date for the first time is. Maybe there is no such thing as a right time; maybe it all comes down to convenience and schedules.

I recommend having written and talked online for some time before meeting for the first time, especially if it is the first time ever, you are meeting an online acquaintance.

“Some time” is not very specific, I am aware, but it all very much depends. How often do you write to each other? Is it one email every other day or 10 emails a day, have you spoken on the phone for 10 minutes or 10 hours?

My advice is, don’t rush it but also don’t drag it out too much! Talk to the person to the point where you are starting to get a sense, if there is the possibility of relationship, if that’s what you are after. But don’t wait until you start experiencing feelings, if you feel like you are already starting to fall in love, it can be difficult to transfer that feeling unto an actual person, instead of just the idea of a person.

“Trust your gut feeling, it will tell you when the right time is”

Where to meet for the first time

“Meeting over a cup of coffee can be a good first date idea”

Meeting a stranger for the first time, you should have some ground rules. I am not trying to scare anyone from meeting up with someone they have met online. But just to be on the safe side, approach this new experience with a little bit of caution.

  1. Let someone know where you are going.
  2. Meet in a public place
  3. Not going to a private home the first couple of times

It is wise to let someone know where you are going to meet your online date and some even choose to let a friend check in to see if the date is going well. It can be as small as a short text when you are in the bathroom.

Meeting in a public place is also a good idea. You can simply meet for a cup of coffee or maybe a cocktail, it doesn’t have to be dinner where you feel forced to sit and talk together for hours. A sporting event or even a concert can give you a common experience, but still, allow you to talk. Going to a movie should be saved for a second or third date, as it is difficult to get to know each other in a movie theatre.

I hope this give you the confidence to give online dating a try. 

Our Favorit Senior Dating Sites

No. 1 - eHarmony

eharmony dating site website photo

Our favorite dating site for seniors is

eHarmony is a very popular site and it is not hard to understand why. 

When signing up to eHarmony you are asked to answer quite a few questions. Most questions are about your self and not so much about what you are looking for in a partner. Having answered the questions eHarmony uses an algorithm to determine what will be the best matches for you, based on your personality. 

As with all the other dating sites, you can, of course, decide if it is important to you that your suggested dates are from the same area or not. 

If you want to give online dating a try, eHarmony is a really good choice. 

No. 2 - Senior Match

Senior match an online dating site for seniors

Another of our favorite online dating sites for seniors is Senior Match. 

Senior Match solely focuses on seniors above the age of 50 years and they do not allow members under 45 years. This makes the site more credible and serious, not that you have to be looking for a serious relationship. 

I find that Senior Match is one of the easiest dating sites to use and it does not take long to set up your profile and start searching. 

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