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eHarmony Review – Everything You Need To Know

eHarmony is long known as the go-to dating site for people looking for true and lasting love.

The site has maintained its position in the dating niche for over 18 years since it was launched back in 2000. Unlike other mainstream dating sites that regularly update their features to catch up with the current trends, eHarmony has stayed true to its roots.

Sure, this site updates its matching system based on growing data they accumulate from users, but beyond that, the site’s basic function has remained the same –creating romantic connections in the simplest way possible. The core of eHarmony matching system is based on a unique 29 Dimension of compatibility.

If you’re single, keep breaking up with people you thought you would marry or maybe you’re a single senior trying out the dating game once more, then you should definitely try out eHarmony. Simply tired of people who play games and are not yet ready for “something serious”? Well, there are about 10 million others like you who are also tired of these games and are looking for something serious on eHarmony.

"eHarmony has members from all 50 U.S. states as well as more than 200 other countries"

As you continue reading through this, I want you to think of eHarmony as a go-to platform for marriage-minded people looking for long-term, serious commitment. People who are really looking to put a ring on it –not just dating for fun, attention or a one time Friday night Company. It’s not uncommon to find the site listed among the best dating sites for seniors and serious adults, probably because of how it prioritizes serious relationship in addition to its updated old-school approach.

So if you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while, for whatever reason, you will be happy to note that technology has made it easy for you to meet people you never even knew existed who want the same thing as you. Members on eHarmony come from all the 50 U.S states and over 200 countries around the world, making up to about 5 million visitors per month.

Now let break it down, shall we? Right from the signup process

Sign Up To eHarmony

Signing up to eHarmony

The homepage welcomes you with your typical heterosexual hipster couple at the center stage, and a sign-up form (at least the beginning of it) requiring you to declare your gender, first name and location. Heads up: the sign-up process is quite long –it’s probably the longest of all dating sites out there. But there is a very good reason for that –read on.

The site doesn’t allow same-sex dating –I just thought you should know. Anyway, the sign-up questionnaire has 149 questions in total, which can seem intimidating at first, but this is what really sets the platform aside. You really get to know someone very well, minimizing the frustrations that come with mismatches common on other platforms.

The 149 questions are also what makes the site and your potential partner know that you’re serious about finding a match for a long-term commitment. Thankfully, the questions are pretty standard, similar to what you can find on most other in-depth dating sites. The questionnaire is divided into three section;

Sign up process
  • Profile setup: here is where they ask you a few basic things like the number of children, religion, height, ethnicity, net worth, and so on. This is what will show on your basic profile.
  • Match Preferences: this is where you tell them about who you’re looking for. There’re just about 5 questions here with things like height, location, and region of your preferred partner.
  • Compatibility questions: Here is where things get serious. This section essentially includes intense questions about you with prompts like “How well does this word generally describe you? “Stubborn”. And you have to rate yourself on a sliding scale from ‘Not at All” to “Very”. Now, I might be 100% aware that I am the most ridiculous stubborn-head in the world, but I am going to admit that I will not toe the line 90% of the time to my potential partner? Nah.
online dating site

Surprisingly, admitting that you have a problem or a weakness in some areas is never a bad thing on eHarmony. This is crucial for eHarmony to match you with someone who compliments you. It might sound strange but I know a few people who are actually turned on by the “stubbornness” and “hard to get” attitude.

Just remember that the right partner will accept you with all your flaws and quirks. So as much as you’d like to lie to feel better about yourself, you know deep down that’s not the way to a healthy relationship.

The Profile

eHarmony sign-up

Once the algorithm has finished compiling your self-rated answers, you will be directed to your main profile with matches for the day highlighted. The site promises to deliver carefully selected matches every morning. Once the basic set up is complete, (before you upload your image) your profile will look like this:

As you can see, the company did some good work in keeping the user profile neat, with all the important things like matches, messages, notifications and all settings just one click away. While other dating sites that have a lot of features (gifts, winks, games, likes etc.) might seem fun, it’s no longer fun when disrupting notifications of things you even didn’t know existed start popping up. This is in fact what makes eHarmony the best dating site for seniors and older adults –clean and straight to the point.

At eHarmony, they’re focused on the actual business that brought you to them –and that is finding you the perfect match. They are all about simplicity and minimalism, while still managing to keep the site cool, organized and visually appealing. Once on your profile, you have an option to add even more information such as your favorite food, TV shows, movies, sports, music and much more. All these allowing you to further highlight your personality.

Even after uploading your profile pic, you will still notice that the profile progress bar is not reading 100% done. This is because eHarmony allows you, yet again, to answer more question that will be visible on your profile. These are just a few fun questions about things like your pet, the last book you enjoyed reading, what turns you on and so on. They serve as great conversation starters when a potential partner lands on your profile.

Messaging & Notifications

The eHarmony dating platform is quite unique in that everything is centered around you and your experience on the platform. There is no option to browse or search the dating site at all, so your interactions are limited to your matches which the site believe are perfect for you according to the questions that you answered. You receive 10 carefully selected matches each day.

But there is a “What if” option which allows you to view 30 additional profiles per day of members who aren’t perfect matches but the site believes you have enough in common with to potentially make a connection. The approach of limiting your interactions allows you to really focus on your matches and nature the communications and relationships that you’ve already started.

Communication is fun on eHarmony –you can show interest in another member by sending them a message or a smile. You can either independently send a message or use the pre-selected messages and inquiries. When it comes to dating for seniors and busy adults, pre-selected questions and messages can be a great time-saving feature.

Pricing and packages

eHarmony has three packages to choose from. And here is an overview of what to expect.

  1. Free account: With a free account, you can answer all of the personality questions, make a profile, and see your matches. And that is all. You also won’t be able to see other member’s photos until you upgrade. But at least it allows you to see how the platform works and feels like before you make a decision of upgrading your membership.
  2. Standard account: this allows you to:
  • See who’s viewed you
  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • See match photos
  • See who’s favorited you
  • Browse matches outside your preferences


  • 12 months: $7.95/month (SAVE 76%)
  • 6 months: $13.95/month (SAVE 58%)
  • 3 months: $32.95/month
  1. Premium account: this allows you to:
  • See who’s viewed you
  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • See match photos
  • See who’s favorited you
  • Browse matches outside your preferences
  • A phone call to get personalized help from an expert
  • Browse matches anonymously
  • Get read receipts on all of your messages
  • Be a featured match for 24 hours every month


  • 12 months: $$12.95/month (SAVE 64%)
  • 6 months: $18.95/month (SAVE 47%)
  • 3 months: $35.95/month

The final verdict

If you’re tired of being played with, eHarmony is your best option when it comes to finding a perfect match that will lead to a lasting commitment. The signup process might be lengthy, but it’s well calculated, and you will finally appreciate the time and money you put in it when spot-on matches start streaming your way.

The limitation in interaction and not being able to talk to members outside your matches might feel like a pain to some, but the partners you picked for yourself before were not the right choices, so how about you let eHarmony take the wheel this time around. And the site is definitely not for the impatient or those looking for flings and short-term fun.

If you can get past the lengthy signup process and you don’t mind limiting your curiosity, eHarmony is where relationship-focused, marriage-minded adult people hang out. So if you’re looking for the best dating sites for seniors and serious adults, I don’t hesitate to recommend eHarmony.

Sign up to eHarmony right here:

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